Art’tachment is an app we are developing for parents of children 0-5. It will include a collection of activities, including painting, making, storytelling, and music. Step-by-step guides provide helpful pointers on how parents can encourage healthy attachments, and nurture social, emotional and cognitive development. Every element of Art’tachment is grounded in child development research and theory. We have created accessible ‘micro-courses’ on brain science and child development, attachment theory, and experiences that promote healthy and holistic development. We have also made every attempt to translate theory into practice by giving parents practical pointers throughout the app so they can confidently apply new parenting knowledge in their daily life.

The Art’tachment concept was designed by educational psychologist Kitty Howarth. The Psynovigo team have joined Kitty to turn Art’tachment into an app and bring it to parents everywhere.

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