The Food Trainer is out on Google Play!!

The Food Trainer (FoodT) is out on Google Play! Why not give it a go – you would be contributing to valuable research and may even change your eating habits!

FoodT was designed at the University of Exeter by Dr Natalia Lawrence and colleagues and was programmed by PsyNovigo. The app is designed to train you to say ‘no’ to unhealthy foods and substitute these with healthy foods. Users play a ‘game’ where they have to avoid unhealthy foods and approach healthy foods. The app also includes the possibility for users to customise the foods they would like to avoid (categories include for example sweets, chocolate, alcohol, fast food, etc) and set reminders to be notified to play the game. The app also collects pre- and post-training data to assess the effectiveness of the app.

Since its launch in mid-Januray, FoodT has generated quite a bit of media attention (see for example Evening Standard, Daily Telegraph, and Grazia) and over 25,000 downloads in the first two weeks. We are very eager to hear about the first research results!

More on the FoodT on the website and Facebook page.

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